Scientific Publications

  • Implications of hydro-political dependency for international water cooperation and conflict: Insights from new data. Together with Thomas Bernauer, Tobias Siegfried, Tobias Böhmelt. Political Geography 42 (2014) 23-33.
  • Fairness in Water Allocation. Poster presentation together with Thomas Bernauer, ETH Zurich at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, Dec 2011.
  • How will combined changes in water demand and climate affect water availability in the Zambezi river basin? Together with Thomas Bernauer. Global Environmental Change. 2011
  • Environmental, political, and economic determinants of water quality monitoring in Europe. Together with Thomas Bernauer and Anna Kalbhenn. Water Resources Research, Vol 46, 2010.
  • Transboundary Water Allocation in the Zambezi River Basin. PhD–Thesis. ETH Zurich. Mimeo, May 2010
  • Water Allocation under Hydro–political Asymmetry. Together with Tobias Siegfried, Columbia University. Mimeo, underreview CIS, ETH Zurich. 2010
  • Fair Water Allocation in the Zambezi River Basin. Mimeo, under review. CIS, ETH Zurich. 2010
  • Transboundary Water Allocation under Hydro–Political Asymmetry. Poster presentation together with Tobias Siegfried,Columbia University at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, Dec 2009.
  • Studying Strategic Interactions under Hydrological Uncertainty. Poster presentation at the North-South center at ETHin Zurich. June 2008

Newspaper Articles

  • Wenn Religionen zusammenleben. About coexistence of different religions in Lebanon, Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 24.12.2016
  • Ein Wasserpreis für gerechtere Wasserverteilung? Together with Dr. Diana Soldo in Klimafreundlich 2, 2013, a Swiss magazine.
  • Wasserverteilung im Spannungsfeld von Neid, Gleichbehandlung und Effizienz, panta rhei (33), Verlag Hans Erni- Stiftung, Luzern. 2012
  • Expert Interviews in the Zambezi River Basin. CIS–News, ETH and University of Zurich, October 2009
  • “Krieg um Wasser?” Water wars and water conflicts. article with focus on Darfur in “Tagblatt” a Swiss daily newspaper. May 2008
  • Water scarcity – no cause for wars. (German title: “Wasserknappheit ist keine Kriegsursache”), article in ”TagesAnzeiger”a Swiss daily newspaper. Together with Thomas Bernauer and Anna Kalbhenn. March 2008
  • Zambezi River – crucial for the fate of a whole region. (German title: “Sambesi bestimmt Schicksal einer ganzenRegion”) article in “Tages Anzeiger”a Swiss daily newspaper. 2006
  • Lead article in “Tec21” a Swiss magazine on engineering, architechture and environment. (German title: “Helfen mitAngst im Bauch”). 2005

Invited talks and presentations

  • International conference “New technologies of water treatment adapted to developing countries” at the Faculty of Science of the Lebanese University and the UNESCO-SIMEV Chair-France. Presentation about water use in the Middle East. December 2017
  • Viva con Agua Switzerland – Water a global challenge. Presentation at “Neusicht – arts for water” fair. Lucerne, October 2015
  • UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Fifth workshop on adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins; Geneva, 14-15 October 2014
  • OSCE Security days, Vienna; Enhancing security through water diplomacy: The role of the OSCE; Panel: A security perspective on water. 8 June 2014
  • Geography of Conflicts in International River Basins. University of Leipzig, Center for Area Studies. 27. June 2012
  • Conflict and cooperation in international river basins. Case studies from Africa. Rand Corporation, Washington DC, 8.March 2012
  • Presentation on water and conflict at the “OcCC – Symposium Anpassung an den Klimawandel, DieAnpassungsstrategie der Schweiz”. 26.11.2010, Berne
  • Conflict and cooperation in international water courses. (Workshop: “Hydrologische Bedeutung und Rolle desAlpenraums in Zeiten des Klimawandels”) 5. November 2010, Embassy of Switzerland in Berlin.
  • Water – Challenge for the Future? Presentation at the General Assembly of the Association of Street constructioncontractors of the Canton of Zurich (VKZSU), February 2009
  • Water – challenge for engineers and politicians. Presentation at Project21 a student association for sustainabledevelopment. Zurich, June 2008
  • Water demand management in the Zambezi River Basin. Technical University of Denmark, Lynby, Denmark. June2007
  • Water and Conflict in Darfur. Columbia University, NYC, Earth Institute. New York Dec 2006
  • Engineering in emergencies. Swiss student association, AV Welfen. April 2006

Lecturing / Teaching / Research Supervision

  • GIS in Humanitarian Context. August 2013, negotiation training for water resources management, SDC.
  • Integrated Water Resources Management. Introduction. 27./28. June 2012, University of Leipzig.
  • Lecturer in International Environmental Politics, ETH Zurich. Spring 2011, Spring 2012
  • Lecture in International Humanitarian Action and Law. As assistant of Dr. Jakob Kellenberger (ICRC). ETHZ Springsemester 2008 and spring semester 2009
  • Supervision of different master thesis between 2006 and 2010 as part of the research on trans-boundary waterresources