Support Beirut in rubble!

On August 4 2020, a huge explosion destroyed large parts of Beirut and made it largely inhabitable. Besides loss of livelihood of many individuals, the destruction of shops and small businesses is devastating and an existential threat.

As I’ve been working and living in Beirut for many years I know several families who lost everything they had. Through my network which I established through my collaboration with the Swiss Embassy as well as some trustful friends we will guarantee a good use of every cent we receive.

As the disaster happened very recently only, it is a bit hard to say what the money will be used for in detail. However, as a list of priority:

1) livelihoods (like destroyed furniture, windows, roofing)

2) support and renovation of small businesses like guesthouses, small shops, bars, restaurants

Of course we will communicate and record every cent we spend. 

In case there is too much funding....

In case I/we receive too much finances and we cannot absorb all donations we will donate it to one of the following organizations (or maybe another one if it makes sense):



People who donated (so far 21'515.- CHF):

Lucas Beck, 2’500.-; Aurel Maurer, 200.-; Eli und Beni Wettstein, 300.-; Rose Marie Beck, 300; Christoph Scholl, 50.-; Pirmin Knüsel, 75.-; Birgit Baumgartner, 250.-; Michaela Giger, 100.-; Sarah Gigon, 50.-; Anonymous_1, 500.-; Clemens Pachlatko, 100.-; Felix Beck, 150.-; Barbara Low, 200.-; Dominik Baumgartner, 1000.-; Anonymous_2 500.-; Frank Burggraf, 300 EUR; Joy Kramer, 200.-; Ursina Kohler, 100.-; Marita Kohler, 250.-; Rudi Renoir Appoldt, 100.-; Silvio Sigrist und Barbara Vogt, 200.-; Conrad Hofer, 100.-; Guido Widmer, 100.-; Johannes Wick, 1000.- USD; Tim Wiesendanger, 100.-; Isabelle Schwab, 100.-; Mario Gregori, 150.-; Ivo Ineichen, 500.-; Patrick Huser, 2000.-; Franzisca Beck, 500.-; Samuel Wuest, 50.-; Alba Biedermann, 50.-; Manuela Steiner, 50.-; Michael Nägele, Nikolay Pavlov, 500.-; A. and C. Wettstein, 300.-; Sefan Meyer, 400.-; Michelle Zimmermann, 150.-; Thomas Bernauer, 200.-; Ulrike Ehlert, 500.-; Anonymous, 50 GBP; Natalia Elfimova, 100.-; Natascia Tuttobene, 300.-; Martin Käch, 200.-; Sk van Korlaar, 50 EUR; Ralf Dubach, 500.-; Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Lindau, 1453.-; Ralph Meury, 150.-; Damiano Azzinnari, 250.-; Roland Tresch, Andrew Jones, Martin Pfister, 555.-; Carmen Rahm Grobety, 250.-;Mirco Betto, Flavio Cotichini 360.- ; Olga Kopylova, 60.-; Elisabeth Taugwalder, 300.-; Anonymous_3, 500.-; Thomas M. Müller, 500.-; Cornelia Balsiger, 200.-; Reto Affentranger, 250.-; Jérôme Vonarburg, 100.-; Beatrice Howald, 250.-; Alex Dorr, 500.-; Haijing Wang, 1000.-; Ann Klemann, 50.-;


Donation possibilites:

Please consider donating here:

I transferred all cash which I collected to Beirut where it is used for the renovations. So, for the time being I am not collecting more money. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

I will update you on how the money is spent!

Spent money for the following projects....

After the explosion on 4th of August in Beirut, I very spontaneously sent some cash to Beirut with a friend who was just traveling from Zurich to Lebanon. Of course I was hoping to get the help of some friends as well, and within only few days I could collect approximately 20’000 USD. Considering all the needs it is not much, but of course I am more than happy for all this support and I’m also very happy to have great and generous friends who care!
The money was sent to Adonis and Monica who make sure, the donations are spent with the right people. As I get the news, it seems in Lebanon there is currently literally everyone trying to help and doing great work. So, I should mention everyone on my friendlist who is in Beirut now.
However, Karim who is volunteer himself, made a very beautiful portrait of an elderly woman whose house got destroyed as well and she got helped by my friends first. See the video in this post. I really love you guys!
While the destruction of the explosion in Beirut was unbelievable and sad, I really hope it created many condensation nuclei for positive change!

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